Ch7 2011 Calendar is a Disaster of Epic Proportion

Because it just is.
I’ve always noticed their Ch7’s graphics look like a total Paint job. While I’m not a great or a professional artist, I can do a lot better and that’s saying a lot. I get that it’s free, but I wouldn’t even want a copy. Not like this. I would totally get it if they had tried really hard, but this is so obvious that they didn’t. They didn’t even sweat over this. The entire calendar was done in 15 minute tops.

Also, I would hate to compare to what Ch3 had released for their yearly calendar, I really do. People already get so worked up in a Ch3 vs Ch7 lakorns thing that it gets really tiresome. But when you do this, Ch7, we don’t really have a choice.

So dear Ch7, please hire a better team. A whole new team. A competent team. Heck, hire me. I’ll even do it for free since money is obviously your issue. For real.

Seriously, you guys. For more disaster of a calendar, you can go here or here. View at your own risk.

PS: Pasting a stock into a premade background and giving a DEFAULT outerglow is not considered trying. Not at all.

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About KudaLakorn

I am a lakorn subber, I do these alone most of the time so the releases may not be as fast as other subbers. I occasionally post about Thai entertainment related news as well.
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10 Responses to Ch7 2011 Calendar is a Disaster of Epic Proportion

  1. babimel says:

    I like how they chose the traditional route. I think they all look gorgeous! (ch7 fan hehe) and I like the calendar. The background and font is simple and basic, BUT the outfits really make the calendar look great! If there were backgrounds, I bet the outfits nor celebs wouldn’t stand out cuz they’re too colourful and bright. :)

  2. Guang says:

    i love ch 7 so no matter how bad their calendar is i’m still going to buy one. improvement is always nice but no colors in the background means i can focus on the beautiful clothes and actors more so i’m happy. ^_^

    • KudaLakorn says:

      It’s free, actually. You visit one of their designated spots and you can get them signed by certain actors/actresses. I’m not sure if they’re still doing it though.

  3. Sweet says:

    I just realaize I think Aump was photoshop in the picture I mean her face!
    That body isnt hers!

  4. Amy says:

    LOL, I have always noticed channel 7 graphic paint works for a very long time. Compare to channel 3 and other ch7 is the worst in the designing area. If I know I can get hire for doing graphic works like this them I will not go to college for it…lol….

  5. Sweet says:

    I so wish they had put more time and effort,
    they gonna lose soon to Ch.3 if they keep things up!

    Plus they need to stop dragging the shows!

  6. Lyn says:

    And that is why I did not post it on my blog. It was just awful. I guess you can go wrong with traditional wear. Haha!!!

  7. missmonica says:

    I guess they wanted to save time and money, such a boring shoot. They dressed up great but they should have actually went to a real location and shoot things there like Ch3 who actually put time and effort into their calender.

  8. looksy says:

    Ahahahaahaha……I was about to go to bed and your post pops up in my inbox b/c I subscribe to your blog. This is so funny Kuda. It’s too bad that they didn’t put more thought into it b/c the actors and actresses look so nice dressed up in traditional clothing.

    • KudaLakorn says:

      The sad part is, so many people were defending ch7 when we saw the behind the scene photos since all they had was a white background. They said that after all the graphics were added, it would look great as a calendar. I had my doubts because of their icky “wallpapers” on their site, but I never thought they’d pull this on us.

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