Free Game Cards for ggFTW Members!

Are you an MMO player? Do you want to get those cashshop points without spending money? Or, are you looking for analternative way to earn cashshop points in the MMO you’re enjoying? Woo! This sounds like an ad blog post, haha, but I do want to share this with everyone.

This is real easy and requires something you already have–your knowledge about the MMO you’re currently enjoying (or have enjoyed in the past!) Are you curious now? Find out more after the jump!

It’s very simple, ggFTW has announced a new service for its members, the ggFTW Game Card Center. That’s right, Nexon cards, Ijji cards, Ultimate Game Cards, and more! For more info, please click HERE or HERE. You submit reviews and earn points in which you can exchange for game card codes. Simple, right?!

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About KudaLakorn

I am a lakorn subber, I do these alone most of the time so the releases may not be as fast as other subbers. I occasionally post about Thai entertainment related news as well.
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