14 (And More!) Ways to Lead Your Life as a Nang’ek

People over at Dek-d originally came up with these then the list was posted over at Pantip. As of now, Pantiptians added about 150 more. I’ll include the ones I like personally and that has lots of like’s.

1. Practice acting as a man often since you might need to disguise yourself someday.

2. Everyone will be completely stupid, therefore they won’t realize that you are actually a woman even though you have breasts and your eyebrows are perfectly shaped.

3. If you’re a spunky kind of gal then you better pay attention to the sheriff. He’s your pra’ek.

4. You will be born in wealth and perfect everywhere, but even if you aren’t, fear not! In the end, you’ll be someone’s heiress and/or marry a stinking rich guy.

5. Aside from practicing acting like a man, do the same as a maid! Because you might need to disguise yourself in order to investigate/write a thesis/write a novel/learn about your ancestors.

6. You might have grown up in a seedy place, but that’s okay, you’ll be totally innocent and a virgin.

7. If a bad guy tries to force himself on you, don’t panic! Your pra’ek will come to your rescue.

8. If someone had hit your parents or relatives with a car, please know that that person is the pra’ek.

9. If your family has major problems with a certain family, keep an eye our for their son.

10. In case where the pra’ek already has a wife, do not fret. In the end, that skank will die/go insane/is the real murderer/is the one who pushed the pra’ek away. Basically, you won’t be called a home-wrecker in any situation.

11. No matter how rough you may seem on the outside, you are actually a lovely and kind woman on the inside. It’s just that something bad happened in your life which caused you to act out in spite.

12. If you happen to move to a relative of yours’ place that happens to be gigantic and fany like a castle, feel free to act big. You’re the real own of that place.

13. The guy you’ve been seeing all this time? Nope, he’s not the pra’ek.

14. Often, you gratuated from abroad with a fabulous degree. No need to worry though, you’ll spend more time chasing after the pra’ek than actually do any real work.

Now for some I picked out from Pantip.

15. No matter how poor you might be, if you somehow end up in a hospital, you will always get the VIP room.

16. You will always, by chance, see the pra’ek hugging someone else.

17. Don’t forget to practice falling down at the right angle! This way, your lips will always land on the pra’ek’s lips.

19. Always yell, “Where are you taking me?!”, “Let go!”, “I told you to let go!” whenever you are grabbed but still follow the pra’ek willingly instead of just actually trying to get away.

21. Be prepared to be disappointed if you ever try to explain to him when you two are in a fight. He will always believe everyone else but you.

22. Don’t forget to wear makeup before you head to bed, so that you’d look pretty in your dream.

23. You might be a total dowdy kind of girl but there’ll always be a reason for you to go somewhere with a pra’ek. He’ll force you to get a makeover in which he’ll be stunned by your appearance afterwards.

25. If there’s a really nice guy who is willing to do anything to you, don’t return his love. He’s not the pra’ek, just a supporting cast.

26. If you somehow got kidnapped, don’t get scared! Your pra’ek will find you before the police can. The police will come after everything is pretty over though.

32. If you tell your best friend that you’d never be interested or even look at a certain guy, you will certainly end up with him.

36. If the pra’ek had his way will you just once, often unwillingly by your part, you will get knocked up.

38. And once you’re knocked up, runaway somewhere so he can chase after you.

40. No need to excersize your legs often so that you’d fall easily. When you fall, he’ll catch you. And only after you stare into each other eyes’ for 10 seconds–and only then–before you can say, “Let go of me, you opportunist!”

41. All the guys in your life will fall for you, be it your guy friend, your neighbor, a police office, a doctor, etc.

47. If you were ever kidnapped by a total hottie, don’t panic! It was all a misunderstanding and you weren’t the target. He’ll fall in love with you in the end.

49. If you ever catch your pra’ek on a bed hugging some other woman, wait until he yells, “It’s not what it looks like!” before running away even though he has a perfectly reasonable explanation.

50. If you ever, somehow, end up in a forest while it’s raining and found a cabin, it is likely where the two of you will have sex.

51. If there’s someone around you who coughs too often, they’ll die soon.

60. If you or your pra’ek works as an administrative in a company, your only job is to sign stuff. Your gossip queen assistant takes care of the rest.

61. If you’re some royalty escaping to Thailand, you won’t have a problem speaking Thai because your native country already speaks it. But if you’re from somewhere far with a foreign language, you’ll still be able to speak Thai perfectly while speaking your native tongue horribly.

62. If you’re sure that you’re the nang’ek, it’s okay for you to stand in the middle of the road while a car races at you. Someone will save you. But if you’re not? You better jump out of the way yourself.

64. Always look at every corners and around you before telling someone a secret. There’s usually someone listening in on you.

67. If you get into an accident, worst case scenario is that you’ll lose your memory and won’t remember your pra’ek instead of any limps. But then you’ll end up knocking your head somewhere and regain everything perfectly later on. Your love will flourish.

74. If you ever visit you pra’ek’s house and he happens to have maids, they’ll divide into two sides. The prettier ones will always take your side. If he happens to have a gardener or a driver, that guy’ll take your side too.

82. If you have a twin, your twin will be the exact opposite of you.

83. If you ever got pushed in to the pra’eks car, please pretend to unable get out and wait until he walks around and gets on the driver seat.

91. Usually the pra’ek will often think that you’re some kind of a whore who always sleep around. After he has his way with you, he’ll realize that you’re actually a virgin and will chase after you through hell and back trying to make it up to you.

There are a ton more (and still growing) if you wanna read them. (If you can read Thai or just wanna torture yourself with Google Translate: http://www.pantip.com/cafe/chalermthai/topic/A11389549/A11389549.html )

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8 Responses to 14 (And More!) Ways to Lead Your Life as a Nang’ek

  1. Malia says:

    Lol….I love this!

  2. sushiro says:

    Lmfaoo, it’s so funny and so so true. :)

  3. Bluez says:

    Hilarious and oh-so true.

  4. Hi, Let us introduce ourselves first. We’re also a Lakorn lover and we’re running a website call DVDLakorn.com where we produce Lakorn into a nice looking boxset for collection, Our office are in USA.

    We have been following your work for quite a while and we love all of them. We would like to talk with you about how we can sponsor your blog or website. If we can put our ads on it and if we can cooperate about the Thai Lakorn subtitle.

    Please email us at “contact@DVDLakorn.com” so we can talk more.

    Thank you and looking forward to talk to you

  5. Ellie says:

    Thanks- that was hilarious. Just when you think it couldn’t get any funnier, it does!

  6. Perking says:

    lol, i love it, give me a really good laugh , thanks Kuda,

  7. hentram says:

    i was laughing so hard, very funny , please translates some more cuz i dont read thai.

  8. giantgra says:

    LOL =)

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