[ENG Sub] Pang Sanaeha / ปางเสน่หา EP1

Download the hardsubbed version after the jump!

Download the hardsubbed version HERE
The files are in two parts. Please use HJSplit to join them before watching.

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About KudaLakorn

I am a lakorn subber, I do these alone most of the time so the releases may not be as fast as other subbers. I occasionally post about Thai entertainment related news as well.
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9 Responses to [ENG Sub] Pang Sanaeha / ปางเสน่หา EP1

  1. boo says:

    How can I watch the other parts of this episode? Why is ep 1-12 so short? Thanks for the hard work btw! :)

  2. phokar says:

    ปล่อยไฟล์ละครแบบไม่มีซับบ้างไหมค่ะ อยากได้ เรื่อง ปางเสน่ห์า จะเก็บไว้ดู แฮะๆๆ

  3. Malia says:

    Thanks again for the subs!!!

  4. kitkat says:

    Oh! I didn’t know that you decided to sub this one. It must be good… I’ll give it a try, just for Min. XD;

  5. hentram says:

    thank you for subbing Tle & Min new lakorn.

  6. Zainab Sami says:

    thank u thank u sooooo much i know u really make big efforts to present us withe hardsub version so appreciated

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