[ENG Sub] Cinderella Rong Tao Tae / ซินเดอเรลล่ารองเท้าแตะ EP2


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Kuda’s notes and tidbits. Texts below contains spoilers from this and/or previous episodes.

- When Maprow started citing those lyrics, I had to get up from my chair and composed myself because I was laughing so hard. It was just so unexpected.

- Farang food shall be the end of these guys. I corrected the food order for khun Khunchai because I felt bad. He literally said “selera ham” instead of Serrano ham. The whole time I was thinking “omg, here we go again” because I did the same thing with black forest cake from Nang Rai Sai Lub. The thing is, I wasn’t aware of what Serrano ham is so it was even more difficult. I was dying to find out what he was really ordering so I went and read the detailed scripts on Manager (the only reason why I’d ever visit to that site, by the way). Thankfully, they used English for the food name and I learned about Serrano ham. I also learned that khun Khunchai ordered red wine risotto with duck liver. But seriously, I had like a flashback to when Om said Slutty Lobster in Bundai Dokruk (coincidentally, another lakorn Min was in)

- I love the fact that Pornpen and khun Khunchai are smart enough to realize what a horrible woman Dala is. Heck, I’m even impressed that Bue is a pretty smart guy himself for figuring things out.

- Maprow and Mam are awesome friends. I mean, they (mostly Maprow) did started this whole mess but they’re good people.

- Glancing over the detailed scripts on Manager made me realize that they left out a scene here and there or changed them entirely for some. I get it though. The scripts Manager received is probably from the original screenplay but changes were made as they film. A lot of them stay the same, however.

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I am a lakorn subber, I do these alone most of the time so the releases may not be as fast as other subbers. I occasionally post about Thai entertainment related news as well.
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3 Responses to [ENG Sub] Cinderella Rong Tao Tae / ซินเดอเรลล่ารองเท้าแตะ EP2

  1. Mai Moua says:

    Thanks for subbing this lakorn. Min is so cute in here. I fell in love with her.

  2. kweenju says:


  3. bupbeteru says:

    Thank you for all the time you put into subbing this lakorn. I truly appreciate it. Take care.

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