[Synopsis] Samee / The Husband

This post contains major spoilers of this lakorn. Kuda will not be subbing this series. You can find the subbing project over at Viki. The English synopsis was requested by Shin and someone else I forgot to write the name down (Sorry!). Feel free to put in requests for more lakorn synopsis through the contact page.

Mom Rajawongse Rasika or Ai (Preem Ranida) is dealing with whirlwind of troubles when her father, Mom Jao Chaiprakart, suddenly passes away. He leaves behind a huge sum of debts from his various business ventures which cause problems for Mom Rattanawalee, Rasika’s mother, since she is the one that needs to pay off those debts which includes Prakartkiet Palace where Rasika grew up in. Rattanawalee decides to get married to a billionaire named Jaosua Riew in order to keep Prakartkiet Palace. Rasika is unable to accept that her mother is willing to sell her dignity by getting married to someone from the new money. She speaks condescendingly towards Rattanawalee as she is not thankful for what her mother has done. She also gives no respect to Jaosua Riew as well. And while he is displeased after Rasika has humiliated him, he is impressed by her standoffish behavior and the fact that she does not care about his fortunate at all. He finds her different than other women out there and wants Rasika as his wife.

Raap (Grate Warintorn) is the Jaosua’s eldest son. He is polite and intelligent. He is someone the Jaosua trusts the most.Raap has many siblings, most of which are women. Roongrai is his younger sister who is very obedient to him and loves him very much. Rungrong is a naive woman, she listens to her husband, Chatchai, in just about everything. Then there’s Rarin, the youngest sister, who cares and loves her family. There is also Ram, Raap’s brother from a different mother whom does not care much for Raap. Jaosua Riew vents to Raap about Rasika. He wants Raap to find a way to corner her by gaining ownership to Prakartkiet Palace, then giving her the ultimatum of marrying Ram, who is abroad, so that she will also have ownership of the palace.

Raap witnesses what Rasika is capable of so he decides to deal with everything for his father so that his father will not have any problems with Rattanawalee. Rasika is angry that Raap is abusing his power in her home and she decides to cut all ties with her mother. She gets married to Wasin, a man that she has been seeing since school in order to run from all the problems.

Rasika works as an interior decorator to make a living. She is able to provide wages for her nanny and the rest of the help without her mother’s help. Roongrai hires Rasika to design a home for her. Since Roongrai is close with Raap, she knows about Rasika and the situation. She uses this opportunity to bully Rasika and makes her do things. Rakisa gets angry that she is being emotionally abused by Raap’s family. Roongrai can tell that Wasin is a fickle man, so she flirts with him and makes him fall for her.

Rasika works so hard that she gets weak and accidentally hit Sirisopa with her car as she was crossing the street. Sirisopa loses her baby and Rasika is in a shock. Fortunately, she has Sagorn, a marine, who happens to to be nearby and helps out. Rasika is in distress when she finds out that Sirisopa will lose her baby. Ratanawalee asks the Jaosua for help with the legal troubles. He orders Raap to help out without knowing that Sirisopa is someone Raap had sex with. Once Raap finds out that Sirisopa allowed herself to get pregnant, he gets very upset. He feels that she is trying to use a baby to trap him. Raap does not wish to have any more children since he already has Pralop, a son who was born out of wedlock with a foreigner and he is currently studying abroad. However, Raap is unsure whether Pralop is really his biological son or not. But Raap accepts him as his own son out of human kindness. Raap does not wish to have a new wife because he feels sorry for Pralop. Raap orders Sirisopa to drop the charges. She agrees to do this because she hopes that Raap will change his mind and decides to be with her.

While Rasika deals with her trouble with the law, she finds out about Wasin and Roongrai. Rasika is severely disappointed when Wasin uses her charges against her as an excuse to pay him back the money for their home and the money she gave to Sirisopa. Raap convinces Rasika to marry Ram so she can pay off all her debts. She has no choice because she does not want to be prosecuted and she also does not want to lose Prakartkiet Palace. Her father’s relatives have been pressuring her into keeping the palace in the family. Ram is upset that he is being forced to get married so he comes up with excuses so that he won’t have to come home. Jaosua Riew is afraid that he will lose Rasika so he asks if Raap will marry her instead, despite knowing that the two do not get along. Raap fully agrees to do so since he has been in love with Rasika this entire time.

Rasika forced herself to accept that she is now Raap’s fiancee in the midst of various emotions that are going on in the family. Wasin begins to unable to handle Roongrai’s moods because she is selfish and often hurts his feelings. Wasin is reminded of Rasika, the woman who loved him and cared so much about him. He begins pursuing her once again which causes Roongrai to be very upset. Roongrai has a man complex because she has been betrayed by men in the past. Roongrai goes at Rasika but Raap defends her. He knows that Wasin is not serious with Roongrai.

Sureesong is Rasika’s cousin. She has had feelings for Raap for quite some time. But since her family is his family’s business competitor, Raap has never been interested in her. Sureesong is hurt that Rasika is able to snatch Raap from her so she finds ways in order to stop the marriage between those two from happening.

Ram is finally back from abroad but he continues be unruly. He is jealous that their father trusts him more than anybody else. And after he meets Rasika, he wants to steal her back from him. However, Raap catches on and gets defensive. He quickly arranges the wedding and plans to release a press announcement after they sign the marriage license. Raap is doing this so that Prasit, Sureesong’s father who is trying to steal the palace, and others who are trying to hurt Rasika to know that they need to stay away from her. Prasit chooses not to give in and orders people to attack both Raap and Rasika. Fortunately, Pattawee and Roongrai are able to help them just in time.

While Pattawee and Roongrai’s relationship continues to flourish but their pride and pettiness causes fights to break out. Meanwhile, Wasin starts a relationship with Sureesong. She uses him as a tool in order to destroy Raap and Rasika’s married life.

Raap takes Rasika and Pralop on a vacation to his beach house along with Ama. Rasika feels more connected to the family and begins to have feelings for Raap. And after he has saved her life so many instances, she realizes that his feelings for her a genuine. She finally agrees to be his wife willingly.

The family seems to be happy but there is still a problem with Sirisopa who refuses to let her vengeance go. She sleeps with Ram and uses him as a way to cause troubles for the family. Botun, Sirisopa’s mother, is the one helping Sirisopa planning all the terrible schemes. Jaosua Riew gets attacked by Chatchai after he found out the money that Chaichai has been stealing. The Jaosua is paralyzed. His condition begins to get better but Chatchai, Prasit and Botun come up with a plan to poison him and put the blame on Rasika. Raap truly believes that she is innocent and he is able to find proofs that

Raap and Rasika begin to understand each other more after the Jaosua’s death. However, Sirisopa refuses to stop. She continues to pick on Rasika, Eventually, Rasika finds out about Sirisopa’s past with Raap. Raap is troubled by this as his relationship with Rasika takes turn for the worst. Meanwhile, Ram finds out that he is HIV positive. Everyone in the family feels sorry for him. Sirisopa is the only woman who does not know about Ram’s illness.

Rasika finds out that she is pregnant. She fears for her baby’s life because Sirisopa continues to harm her. She decides to run from Raap and leaves to stay at Sagorn’s vacation house out of town. She tells her mother about this. Raap goes on a search for Rasika. Sirisopa finds out the Ram’s illness and she fears that she might be ill as well. Her rage grows even stronger.


Kuda’s notes: Mom and Jaosua are titles. So many R names. I’m just gonna assume that they decided to balance Raap’s single syllable name with Rattanawalee or Sirisopa just to even things out.

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